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Party Hard

Party Hard

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We're off to beautiful Lindos on the sunny island of Rhodes, Greece in June (10th - 17th) 2020, where we'll be performing along with some of the best tribute, original and cover rock bands you can find.

A full week of sun, rock and good times guaranteed.

To get in to the multi act gigs which happen every night, you will need a wristband and at just £60 you won't get better value live music anywhere.  

There's more to Lindos than just the live music though, the town is one of the jewels in Greece's crown,

It’s known for its clifftop acropolis, which features monumental 4th-century gates and reliefs from about 280 B.C. The Temple of Athena Lindia sits above an earlier temple. On the site’s lower level is the 14th-century Castle of the Knights of St. John. Among the town’s whitewashed buildings, the Virgin Mary of Lindos Church has 15th-century frescoes.

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Listen to the bands interview with Dan Weeks on Cannock Chase Radio.

The band was recently invited along to Stafford FM 107.3 Radio, to talk about our upcoming headlining festival appearances at Staff's Fest and Rugeley Rocks.

So Emo and Dave had a bath (not together) and flew the flag for the good ship Hammered.



We're all stoked and ready for our own jolly boys outing to Southport and our first appearance at a Rockers Reunited festival.

These festivals happen seven times a year throughout Europe and feature the best tribute and covers bands in the business, along with some well known acts performing their own music.


Each festival is over 3 days and nights and the entrance price offers outstanding value for money - so check them out by hitting the button below.


We'll be on stage at 2pm on the Saturday, to get the days mayhem underway.


If you're there, come and say "Hello" after the gig and maybe buy some merch' of us.


Party Hard - Hammered.  


The bands honoured to be asked back to the Rugeley Rocks Festival on Saturday 25th May.

Once again we'll be the headline act closing the festival and we had such a great time last year, we can't wait to do it all again.

There will be two stages this year and all the usual festival stuff, beer, food, music and hopefully great weather once again.


Click on the link below and it will take you to the festival page, for tickets and information.  





To be asked to play for our good friends of the Victoria MCC for their 4th year birthday bash.

The Victoria MCC are a great set of brothers and sisters here in Staffordshire and they raise tons of funds for local charities.


So come and share the love whilst we party hard and help keep the biking community alive.

More info - 




Break out the mankini's, we're off to the seaside .

Rockers Reunited is a long and well respected festival that takes place several times a year all over Europe.

It features some of the hottest live acts out there and after mucho dogged determination from us, we've been asked to join the crew and sail into oblivion for the weekend.

More info - 




For the fifth year Staffs Fest brings together the best in local music from Staffordshire, along with top acts from around the country.


Three stages and more music than you can throw a cow at over the three days and nights. 

More info - 


Our very own t-shirts and beenie hats can be purchased from the Hammered merch' guys - ie, band members, 


Available at all our gigs, if you don't see them out for sale just ask - "where the hell's the merch' guys?" and Stevie the bass will squirrel some out,

It's pukka quality stuff and at the prices we're asking, you'll think we've nicked them - but we haven't, so you can wear the gear with pride and with the knowledge you won't be done for handling stolen goods.

Top Banana!



Well Christmas has been and gone and because all of us lads in Hammered have been good boys over the last year, santa has

bought us all a special present ... Our very own beer!


Hammered - Party Hard.

Made by the wonderful people at the Tamworth Brewing Company this ale is as they have said "Well and truly a tribute to a tribute".


At 5.3% Vol each 500 ml bottle of real ale, goes down a treat and does the damage double quick time.


This first batch of liquid gold isn't for sale, but there's another brew in the pipeline and all you lucky people will have the chance to get well and truly Hammered in the comfort of you own homes.


Party Hard!   


Winters here and it's time to be thinking of just how cold it's going to get.

It's one thing to go out on a weekend, get Hammered and then wake up the next morning with a hangover, but to have a headache because you didn't wear a sensible hat is just foolish and reckless.

So we good fellows in the band thought we'd help you good people out.

Hammered beanie hats (knitted by Nanna's), you can get them from the band! Just £10 each (cheaper than most).

We can't guarantee it will make you look as suave, sophisticated or even as handsome as Stevie our bass player, but it will keep a Nanna in work. 

PS - They're not knitted by Nanna's, we had them made by some pukka clothing company.

We've got a few gigs this month to fit in alongside band holidays.

On the 4th we played The Feathers Inn, Lichfield and had a great time at the home of  Michael & Tracy the landlords.

The Feathers Inn is a fantastic live venue, so give it some love and support it if you're in the area.

On the 11th we're at Stafford for the birthday of one of our long time supporters Judi Bee. 

We're all looking forward to this one, as it's a chance to catch up with the good brothers and sisters of the Stafford area, something we've not been able to do since the sad ending of the famous Grapes live venue in the town.

Bank holiday Sunday (26th) sees us back in Stafford to headline the Sunset Festival at The Sun Inn in the town centre.

On Thursday 30th we'll be making our debut at The Swan at Stone.

We've been looking forward to getting in there for a while.

The crowds good and the venue's well known for having some of the best live acts in the area.   


Party hard - Hammered.

Ugly Grub Ball 2018:

On Saturday 21st July we'll be partying hard with the Grubs MRC at Dordon in Staffordshire.

We've known Zeb, Bert and the rest of the Grubs for too long to mention. Even though we're all a little longer in the tooth, their capacity to have a good time hasn't diminished.  

All the usual goodies will be in the set along with some new stuff from Aerosmith, Journey and Bon Jovi and if we're brave enough we might chance our arm with some Buckcherry and Rob Zombie.

So Are You Ready for a good Time? As Brian Johnson once asked me .... If you are get your tickets for the weekend of hellraising from the Grubs MRC.

Keep the shiny side up.


Party hard - Hammered.

Buttstock 2018:

Friday night saw us make the short journey to Penkridge and the Buttstock 2018 bike rally,

Hosted by Lou and the other fine members of  GET OFF YOUR BUTTS MCC, this rally has proven to be one of the highlights of the biker calendar in the UK.. Well laid out, on a great scenic site and with organization second to none, it was a pleasure to be there.

Just to add a little flavor into the mix, we also had a camera crew from Randnor Productions filming the gig for a future TV series that will feature all forms of grass roots live music from around Britain - no pressure then.

Intro music and smash straight into 'Nothing But A Good Time' followed by 'Hammer To Fall' and we were off and running for the first 55 minutes set. 'She Sells Sanctuary' as always was a crowd favorite, as was the AC/DC join in with the band tune - 'High Voltage'. 


A short break and back with the higher tempo second set.

Guns N Roses, Def Leppard, Queen along with the obligatory AC/DC were covered, along with many others in our one hour plus second set.

The rally goers boosted by mucho beer sang, danced and helped us have a great night! Top Banana!

A quick thank you to Andy & Simon who ran the PA and Lights - Debbie & Mick for taking the photo's you see here and also everyone at Get Off Your Butts MCC for the hospitality.


Keep the shiny side up.


Party hard - Hammered.



Hammered classic rock covers band who play live music for bike rallies, pubs and clubs by ac/dc, bon jovi, zz top, aerosmith, guns n roses


Never let it be said we don't think of our fans - "What fans I hear you shout".

Just click on the button below to see how you could win a signed blow up guitar the band had thrown at them at the Rugeley Rocks festival - Top Banana! 

    Hammered are a Staffordshire based Party Rock Band

   Covering songs from AC/DC to ZZ Top with a few of our own thrown into the mix 

Serious musicians with an attitude aimed at fun

Party Hard and get Hammered


Looking forward to Friday night as we Party Hard with the people of Get Off Your Butts MCC and their good friends at the Buttstock Rally.  

The bands going to be on-stage at about 8.30 pm and will be going through until 11 pm when the disco takes over.

What a great weekend the band has just had.

Saturday night saw us headline the Rugeley Rocks Festival in .............. eeerrr Rugeley. The sun shone, the crowd was up for the craic and us Hammered boys gave it large and long.

We played they sang and danced and "Nothing but a good time" was had by everyone.

Rugley Rocks "We salute you" and hope we can do it again next year.

On Sunday we cranked up the tour bus and headed to the farthest edge of South Staffordshire and the Fox Inn at Kinver for a private 40th birthday party. What a stunning venue for a gig as TJ one of the bands followers said it would be - great venue, great people and GREAT SCOTT! When the stripper turned up us lads nearly died, it was Big Mack's (our sound engineer) sister.      

Party hard - Hammered.